About the Artist:

Studied Photography at the PhotoAcademie and Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Born in Amsterdam and raised in Israel where conflict and contradictions exists in the widest sense of the word.
Conflicts on physical and mental level form the inspiration on which his images are created.

Friction is a basic ingredient needed for change.

When he returned to work and live in Amsterdam there was enough distance for him to reflect upon his gathered experiences.

His images are created of multi layered ink transfers where the physical interaction in the creation process plays a vital role at the outcome of the image.

The use of different materials like, ink, paint, charcoal, paper and carton freed him from the classical photographic materials and let him find freedom in the artistic process.  

Therefore each image is a unique, handcrafted and under influence of the energy with which the art is created.

He created this mixed art technique by combining his experience with graphic art and photography and the intense need to make each image as a standalone and as an expression of the moment the image was shaped.

“I seek the bridge between photography of the last century and of the photography to come.
As an artist I not only create but I also try to inspire others.

I believe that photography is at a wonderful crossroad where we as makers can elevate photography as undisputed art.”

Matt de Groot ,  Born: Amsterdam 1969
Ort Bialik , Haifa Israël architecture 1987-1990
Fotoacademie Amsterdam 1992-1996
Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, 1996-2000 free arts departement.


Exhibition “Rebel without a cause” Gallery Zic Zerp Rotterdam 2018
Exhibition experimental work about “what am I” OT301 Amsterdam 2017
Solo exhibition Galley Pantheon 2017
Art Festival Aalsmeer 2016
Exhibition City Hall Aalsmeer
Solo exhibition at Noord Noordwijk
Exhibition Reade Amsterdam
Exhibition WOW Amsterdam
Founding of DCP
Exhibition art festival Aalsmeer  2012
Exhibition DCP gallery Pantheon
Group exhibition Gallery Fotogram Amsterdam
Video installation at KunstVlaai Amsterdam
Exhibition at kunstfort  Vijhuizen with G.Bahir
Group exhibition Sandberg Institute Amsterdam
Group Exhibition Haarlem NS gebouw

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